Point M   |   About us


Point M is a Bulgarian textile agency. It is established in 1992 and is based in Sofia. We help our customers in the process of sourcing and production of clothing in Bulgaria. Point M has 25 years experience and very good contacts with a wide range of Bulgarian manufacturing companies.

Point M will organise your contacts with Bulgarian producers. We will propose you different factories, we will visit them together and will advise you on all matters of business. After placement of orders, Point M will monitor production and delivery of the goods. Our aim is to offer our customers high quality products at competetive prices.

Our service includes following activities:

  • we offer our customers production capacity in Bulgaria; we allocate appropriate factories, suited for their needs;
  • we organise customer visits to the factories;
  • we do the correspondence between customer and producer; we follow the production process;
  • we do quality control; depending on customer requirements it could be both during the production process and end control before shipment of goods;

Orders are made with materials supplied by factory, but material supplied by customer (CMT) is also possible. In the last few years Point M makes in Bulgaria approximately 250 000 pcs. per year. Point M belongs to a group of textile companies:

Intertex 2000 is a knitwear factory. It has 12 gauge knitting machines and delivers to the customers ready-made items.

Intertrade M is a trading company. It produces for its customers knitwear items at various     Bulgarian sub-contractors, supplying them with all materials.