Point M   |   Why Bulgaria?


Bulgaria is located in Southeastern Europe. It is bordered by Romania, Serbia, Macedonia, Greece, Turkey and the Black Sea. The population is about 7 million people. Bulgaria is a member of the European Union and NATO. The currency is the lev, which is fixed to the euro at a rate of 1.95583 levŠ° for one euro. Bulgaria has stable public finaces. The budget is balanced; public debt is approximately 15% of GDP – one of the lowest in the EU.

Textile and clothing industry

Textile and clothing production is one of the main industries in the Bulgarian economy. In some periods, it accounts for about 10% of total Bulgarian exports. In the last years this sector employed more than 100 000 people (almost 20% of total industrial employment). The peak of production and export was in 2007, when goods for 1.9 bln euro (of which 1.7 bln euro was clothing) were delivered to customers. There are about 5,000 companies in the sector, most of them are SMEs (small and medium sized enterprises). Main textile and apparel export markets are Italy, Germany, France and Spain. Many different brands produce in Bulgaria. Some are: Hugo Boss, Betty Barclay, Escada, Guess, Mexx, Joop, Kenzo, Lacoste and many other.

Important advantages are:

  • Flexibility, producers accept small orders;
  • Good and comparatively new technology in the factories;
  • Experience in working with Western customers;
  • Competitive labour cost.